Critical thinking, expert research, rigorous analysis, leading to result-oriented solutions.

What We Do

Policy Memos & White Papers

Iowa Policy Institute researches the background behind policy issues and identifies the various positions of the different voices weighing in on those issues. This information is summarized and documented in policy memos or more extensive white papers which conclude with fresh analysis, proposals for action, and suggestions for further research and study.

Issue Identification & Program Evaluations

The Iowa Policy Institute can accurately identify a policy issue that needs redress and provide solid research with impeccable methodology to support our client's efforts to bring about a policy change. The Iowa Policy Institute conducts evaluations of how well public programs and community services are operating, compares outcomes of services against the mission and objectives, and provides strategic planning for improving and bettering the public policy that underpins programs and services. 

Focus Groups, Electronic Polling & On-line Surveys

Iowa Policy Institute conducts focus group interviews, electronic polling and on-line surveys to assess the opinions of Iowans on salient public policy issues. Using qualitative and quantative research methods, the Iowa Policy Institute can  gauge the interest or concern of the general population, or subgroups within the population, about specific public affairs issues of importance to you.

Articulating Your Message & Media Management

Iowa Policy Institute will work with you to strategically frame your message using today’s print and electronic media in order to successfully reach the audience with whom you need to communicate. We can coach your spokesperson in handling the media, and we can track your media profile which allows you to stay on top of your issue and ahead of the curve.

Issue Advocacy

Iowa Policy Institute connects individuals, groups and policymakers with one another. We can  help you as you mobilize your supporters in letter writting campaigns, as you gather signatures in grassroots petition drives and prepare to deliver those to key policymakers, and we can guide you in producing press releases and in the writing of opinion editorials which will educate and influence both the public and the media about the policy issues with which you are most concerned.