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Focus Group at TEDxDesMoines 2012

The Iowa Policy Institute conduced a focus group with 18 people at the TEDxDesMoines 2012 event held on July 15 at the Science Center of Iowa following the morning presentations. The focus group was structured around the talk given by Lee Fisher, CEO and President of CEOs for Cities about the Des Moines metro's strengths and needs.
Read the full report. 

Top Policy Priority Survey at 2012 ABI Conference

The Iowa Policy Institute's Senior Policy Advisor Doug Lewis talks with an ABI conference attendee as she takes IPI's "Top Policy Priorities" survey with one of our touch screen polling kiosks at the Iowa Association of Business 2012 Taking Care of Business conference held June 13-15 in Des Moines. Read the executive summary of the survey.

The Iowa Republican, December 11, 2009 

"Scientific integrity and 'Climategate.'" Read the article.

IA.Biz, Fall 2009

"Is HR 3200 good policy for Iowa businesses?"  Read the article.